Who Are We

Afronest Safari

Rob Tieman and Joshua Onyait are the owners of Afronest Safari. Their mission is to bring Uganda to the attention of Dutch tourists. Uganda is not yet a big holiday destination in the Netherlands. And that is a shame, because the country is not called “The Pearl of Africa” in Africa for nothing. Uganda is located between 1100 meters and 1500 meters above sea level. As a result, it has an extremely pleasant climate with temperatures usually around 28 degrees.

There are many national parks where you can experience beautiful safaris. The parks are nowhere near as busy as in neighboring countries such as Kenya and Tanzania, which countries have a long reputation for safaris. Besides safari parks, Uganda has a lot more to offer. It is located on Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa.

In addition, there are several other beautiful lakes. Uganda is home to the most bird species in the world. The combination of a Dutchman and a Ugandan in the management of the company ensures that the company is run in a Western way with a Ugandan sauce. Transparency, reliability and trust are the elements that drive the company.