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About us


Afronest-Safari is part of Afronest Investments Ltd, established and registered in Uganda. The company has a Dutch / Ugandan management. Founded in 2017 by Rob Tieman and Joshua Onyait. The company is based in Akright City, near Kampala and Entebbe. Rob has been coming to Uganda since 2008 and has experienced the beauty of the country for himself. Because Uganda is not yet well known in the Netherlands, he wants to remove this unfamiliarity by organizing trips. Afronest-Safari organizes tours in Uganda, and on request also in the surrounding countries Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania. These tours are run in collaboration with Karamoja Wilderness Expeditions. The company is, just like Afronest-Safari, affiliated with the “Association of Uganda Tour Operators Ltd.”


The country Uganda is not yet widely known in the Netherlands, and certainly not as a holiday destination. Completely wrong. It is not called “Pearl of Africa” ​​for nothing. Due to its high location (between 1100 and 1500 meters above sea level), the country has a wonderful climate. Because there is also a lot of rain during short periods, especially in the rainy season, the whole country is green. In the north a little less. The temperature varies from 23 degrees in the rainy season to 29 degrees in the dry season. The capital Kampala has about 3 million inhabitants and is a real African city. Entebbe has the airport, on the great Lake Victoria, which almost half belongs to Uganda. Nice little beaches along the lake, with restaurants. Although South Africa and Kenya are much more famous for their safari parks, Uganda also has a number of beautiful safari parks, such as Elizabeth National Park in the south west, Murchison National park in the center of the country and Kidepo National Park in the north east. Not yet overrun by tourists, but with many types of lodges, from cheap to pricey. Uganda is famous for the Bwindi National Park where the last mountain gorillas live. In the north east you will find the Karamoja region, where a culture of its own still exists. Tourists have only recently discovered the area. Afronest-Safari works together with local organizations. This means that you always have local, English-speaking guides, who will show you the most beautiful places in their region. For the Dutch market Afronest-Safari has put together tours in Uganda, all with at least 1 safari. The descriptions, which can be adapted, extended or shortened to your wishes, can be found below. Everything at very competitive prices. We are very flexible in this. Afronest-Safari is under Dutch / Ugandan management.