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“Linking” audio regions in LOgic X – replace.me

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You can also rotate regions. When you move a region, it snaps to the nearest position on the Tracks area grid, using the current Snap value. Drag an audio region up or down in the Tracks area to another audio track. When you save your new Logic session for the first time, you have the option of saving it as a package or a folder. The problem with bounce in place is that you can’t unlock regions once you’ve fused them together, so if you need to change or refine a x-fade later you’re out of luck.


Logic pro x join audio regions free

In the Audio Track Editor, you can move, trim, split, and join audio regions, play a region in isolation, and edit regions in other ways. Is there a way to link two or more x-faded audio regions in Logic so you can move consecutive regions around in the timeline without having to select them all?


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