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How to Solve Black Screen upon Startup Issue.Black screen on start up – Microsoft Community

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Discusses that some Windows 10 OEM devices show a black screen after a restart This update is available as a Critical download from Windows Update. To do this, press Windows key + Ctrl+ Shift + B. This command actually restarts your graphics driver which might itself fix the black screen, but also emits.

How to Fix Black Screen on Windows 10 Without Losing Data? [8 Fixes]


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Windows 10 black screen upon startup free download


The Binary Operating System or booting software may be corrupted. Operating system corrupted. Hard disk crash which is the most reason for black screen.

Method 1 : Reinstall your video driver 1. Try to restart your computer in normal mode. Wise Care can help you to find out and disable these useless programs so that you can boot your computer fast. After reading this article, you will know how to remove junk file from your PC in a quick way with our wise PC optimization tool.

Enable one item, reboot, and make sure everything is working. Then repeat the process with the next item on the list. As mentioned above, a faulty device driver can easily cause an unbootable system.

To fix this, uninstall any device drivers that could be a problem, as mentioned above. One good way of doing this is by right-clicking on your start button and selecting Device Manager.

Check out our ultimate guide on how to update device drivers. Or, if you want to update your drivers immediately and keep them updated automatically, try AVG Driver Updater and run a free scan.

You get to your log-in screen, type in your password, but then the screen goes black? Sound familiar? Reboot the system and hopefully this will solve the problem. The program Explorer. In Task Manager , click on File , and then select Create new task. Type in explorer. Please make sure to create a backup of your PC or system restore point before you make any changes here. We also recommend using a dedicated registry cleaning tool to clean up and repair any broken registry items on your Windows PC.

In the Run box, type in regedit. Hit Enter. On the right-hand side of the screen, double-click on Shell. If something else is written there, it could be a virus, malware , or some other potentially unwanted program. To find out, do some exploring and try Googling the name. It will then delete the malware and set up defenses to detect and block any future signs of trouble.

Get it for Android , iOS , Mac. Get it for Mac , PC , Android. Are you getting a black screen randomly showing up at launch or even while working? This could have something to do with your graphics driver. See more detailed instructions for how to update your graphics drivers. If your PC is connected to multiple monitors or even a VR headset which Windows recognizes as a monitor! This will make Windows switch between display modes.

That should help. And pressing it a third time will show it on another display. We hope this guide has helped you solve your black screen issues! But, if all else fails, then you probably need to reinstall Windows from scratch, because the issue is likely more serious or even beyond fixing.

Going forward, our advice is to keep your system fresh and maintain it on a weekly basis to help prevent issues like the black screen problem. However, unexpected things always happen. For instance, Windows 10 booting to a black screen. Generally, Windows 10 booting to a black screen is the worst issue you come across because you don’t get any error code or message giving you an idea where to start troubleshooting.

In today’s post, I am going to show you how to fix the Windows 10 booting to a black screen of death BSOD issue without affecting the original data. Experienced users will transfer data before solving the Windows 10 booting to a black screen issue in case of any accidents. If you mistakenly overwrite the original data when fixing this black screen error, you will lose the data forever. Now, you might be wondering: “How to effectively and quickly recover lost data from the Windows 10 black screen of death?

MiniTool Power Data Recovery, developed by famous software development company, offers MiniTool Power Data Recovery Bootable Edition to recover lost data when operating system crashes or recover data when PC won’t boot without bringing any damage to the original data. Here, we take Windows 7 for example. Click Bootable Media in the bottom of the main interface. In this window, you can make use of the Settings feature. When it comes to black screen of death error, I’d like to share with you another issue — Blue Screen of Death.

Click to tweet. If you get a black screen before signing into Windows 10, it could be a connection problem between your PC and the display. If you’re using a desktop computer, double-check your display is connected properly to a power outlet and your computer, make sure your connected TV is turned on and set to the input for your PC.

If possible, you can try switching to a different video output. Many times, a change in driver can send the video signal to a different output port e. You can also try connecting a different monitor to your PC to confirm that it’s not a problem with your primary display. As we know, some third-party antivirus software has been known to cause black screens.

Removing the software won’t leave your PC unprotected, for Windows Defender antivirus will kick in if no other antivirus software is running.


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