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Then just hit Control + X to bring up the feature’s UI. From there, Logic will present you with a visual representation of the audio region. The Logic Pro Denoiser eliminates or reduces any noise below a set volume level. The noise reduction feature in Audacity is pretty good. There’s a free plugin called Bertom Denoiser that you could give a shot.

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You might find what you need in this selection of the best free noise How and Why to Move Your Logic Pro X Sound Libraries to an External Drive. The 3 Best Free Noise Reduction Plugins · 1. Bertom Audio Denoiser 2 · 2. Bitsonic Sound Recovery · 3. Cockos ReaFIR. The Logic Pro Denoiser eliminates or reduces any noise below a set volume level.


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Denoiser logic pro x free


We have tested the top 6 VST plugins for voiceover and dialogue cleaning available in , and we will review them in this article. A voiceover is a narration of information over a video but without the speaker appearing on screen. Voice has a particular feature not found in any other living being on Earth; it is human. But to make that voice enjoyable, clear, present, and alive, we need to record it with the right tool.

Over the years, vocal processing has evolved, and new techniques appear to improve the sound of the voices. Many recording and broadcasting engineers are listening carefully and continuously improving those recorded vocals , pursuing perfection. Voxessor is a plugin that instantly improves your vocal recording or broadcasting.

It covers all the aspects needed to treat a voice: noise gate, compressor, de-esser, and EQ, all in a reduced set of commands. It is beneficial for online activities while recording because it works with incredible speed. The plugin detects if the incoming signal has to be processed or not. The main selector lets you EQ the human voice appropriately, depending on the source. It accepts sources from low male voices to highest girl ones. Key Features:. All leveling capabilities auto-level, compressor, noise gate are present and include a fully tunable de-esser.

It supports matching EQ with a vocal analyzer and a character voice modeling. All these make this plugin a handy tool for every voice. Simple, slight, and powerful. Extract: Dialogue is another class of plugins for the handling of voices. Extract:Dialogue plugin separates dialogue from common types of noise — generally background noise — such as rustle, wind, hum, traffic, plosives, and mouth clicks and smacks.

The use of this plugin is to remove any noise from the voiceover surgically. The algorithm can work in real-time and uses deep learning technology. You simply add this plugin to your dialogue bus or track, and magic appears.

This control is helpful in cases where you need environmental noise, for example, news reports or sports transmission. And you cannot find the deep-learning technology included in this plugin anywhere near this price range. Vocal Cleaner is a plugin that takes a dirty vocal recording and converts it to a shining finished production.

You, as a producer, can forget the details of parameters to focus on what is necessary, the voice. As you can imagine, this plugin was conceived with the mind put on a musical production. The idea behind this plugin is to prepare the initial recording to a posterior polish of compression, saturation, and reverb. But since the preparation tasks are the same, voiceover tasks take advantage of this plugin. The main three stages are the faders for the de-noise, de-esser, and gate processing.

Once you establish the thresholds, a set of intelligent algorithms optimize the output with different tones : bright, dark, or natural. Finally, you need to determine how much presence you need, and voila, your voice is ready to shine. WA Production Vocal Cleaner is one of those plugins I feel comfortable working with because only the necessary controls and metrics are there.

All the things you need are there. That, combined with intelligent processors and state-of-the-art algorithms, is a warranty of good results. But with these plugins, Accusonus provides more control and customization to achieve a crystal clear voice. Furthermore, they allow handling either de-essing or harshing, even if the audio is not a vocal recording.

It is simple. Configuration is quick; the results are fast. You see and hear what you are doing. Its algorithms are perfectly tuned, its interface design is professional, and its control over the sidechain is complete. It has an expert mode with customizable sidechain options and linear-phase oversampling. Hence it will not add any undesired artifacts.

The implementation of sidechaining and ducking are beneficial features for radio broadcasting. FabFilter Pro-G is one of the best plugins for processing audio dynamics. It provides all the tools you need to obtain the best audio signal. However, it is too much if you only need a plugin for voiceover. It exceeds all expectations, and your vocals will be great.

Waves products are a synonym of good quality. WNS Noise Suppressor is a plugin to reduce noise from any vocal recording. As with every plugin from the family, WNS performs nicely and smoothly. It works in real-time with zero latency. You can use it with any vocal source, but it is ideal for dialog, narration, voiceovers, and broadcasting. NS1 comes with only one fader: the threshold , the minimum volume before noise reduction.

WNS , though, includes a set of frequency filters. Audio engineers can identify the noise frequencies and isolate the noise from those frequencies exclusively using said filters. Similarly, while NS1 employs an attenuation bar to visualize the reduced noise , WNS shows the reduction in a spectral display , emphasizing the frequencies affected by the plugin. It is robust and well-designed. It has automatic processing and customizable parameters. It is intuitive, and you can trust in it.

Sadly, it has recently announced that it will not develop additional software or audio plugins. Fortunately, you can still find their plugins on several archive sites of audio plugins. Sleepy-Time DSP plugins are beautifully designed and optimized for fast performance. Lisp , in particular, is a high-precision de-esser plugin.

It uses an advanced transient detection algorithm to reduce sibilance. Bertom Denoiser is a whole terrain noise reduction plugin. It removes noise from music, post-production, voiceover, and dialogue. Further, it features a simple user interface; user-friendly and optimized for a fast cleaning up. You can use it during a live broadcast because of its zero-latency processing.

Denoiser focuses on setting filters high-pass and low-pass and five different frequency bands. You count with five sliders to control every band. Once the noise frequencies are located, you can control the amount of reduction with another fader. Despite its simple interface, this freeware plugin is an advanced noise production tool. It provides outstanding results while being easy to use and very light on CPU consumption.

Bertom Denoiser released this plugin recently. It uses state-of-the-art reduction techniques and is powerful and efficient. I will not surprise if this free plugin becomes a licensed product soon. Cockos ReaGate is one of the most configurable noise gates in the market. It not only comes with the standard parameters, like attack, hold-value, release, and reduction percentage, it also adds parameters for lookahead of the signal, hysteresis control, and the main detector input.

Cockos ReaGate is available for Windows 98 or higher bit or bit. It comes in VST 2 format only. Cockos ReaGate plugin is where you can customize the process of noise gating.

You will control this gate. If you are familiar with noise gates and their parameters, this plugin will expand your capabilities. Replaced With RX 9 Advanced. Although iZotope designed and developed RX for professional production activities, it also focused on vocal production. If you need to move forward on voiceover production, you will find in RX8 an outstanding tool. It comes as a plugin and as a standalone application.

I will enumerate here the processing tools that are not present on any of the plugins described below: de-breath , de-reverb , ambiance-match , center-extract , de-bleed , de-clip , de-crackle , de-wind , de-rustle. These are only for vocal processing. The power that RX8 provides is a lot. But you count with many other features like matching-EQ, music-rebalance to extract vocals from music , mouth de-click, audio deconstruction, spectral repair, loudness level , and pattern interpolation.

All the functions that iZotope RX8 features are way out of the scope of voiceover. But in vocal recording, the software is used for forensic tasks , where the audio engineer needs to restore poor-quality recordings. RX8 also comes with several statistics like spectrum stats and waveform measurements. It also provides automation tools and scripting to process multiple audio clips at once. Developed as audio post-production software , iZotope RX8 Advanced is a complete set of editing modules usable either as plugins or standalone applications.

So, it might be over-featured for simple voiceovers. For expert users, RX8 is fantastic.

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